Rachel Thomas-Bonnet   (LLb Hons)


Having lived and worked in France for 30 years, I wanted to make my experience and intimate knowledge of French life useful to others.

Over the years I have helped many English speaking people through a very wide range of situations.

We have just completed a long and complicated sale and purchase of property in France. Given that the Notaries role is not the same as a solicitors in the UK, the process is a proverbial minefield. It is absolutely essential to have a bilingual, independent, professional advisor to ensure your interests are protected. We would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel Thomas-Bonnet …



The list of what I do is basically endless. I often joke that I’m the after sales service for France. No problem is too big or too small, and my first consultation is free!

I provide a wide range of services to make life in France what you imagined it to be … straightforward!

Living in France the easy way ...

Rachel Thomas-Bonnet, Gibalaux le Haut, 11800 Laure Minervois FRANCE

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